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Pediatric Arrhythmia

Welcome to Pediatric Arrhythmia, EKG teaching and EKG cases from pediatric patients.

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Negative P-waves, what´s the rhythm?

ECG tracing of a 12-year old girl, taken throughout cardiac evaluation for chest pain. No complaints of palpitations, vertigo, or...

QRS Axis - the imaginary straight line of conduction

The electrical axis of the heart, i.e. where the summative vector of electrical conduction points to, can be determined in many ways. Can...

Sinus or no Sinus, that is the question

12 years old girl. ECG taken throughout sports participation screening. Is it Sinusrhythm? The natural pacemaker of the heart is the...

It's all about the Pace - Heart Rate Determination

When assessing an ECG tracing, you want to quickly determine whether it's normal or if there might be something wrong. One of the first...

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